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Red Chair Home Interiors: Decorating Help for Real People Cary, NC interior decorator
Amy Bell (Formerly, Amy Mannila) Cary, NC 27513

    Paint Color Selection

    I can help you select and coordinate your
    paint colors to create a cohesive palette for
    your home. My large, 8.5" x11" paint
    swatches make visualizing much easier
    during our color consultation!

    I can also refer you to great local painters.

    Furniture Placement

    Whether you want to rearrange your existing
    furniture or you are starting from scratch with
    an empty room, I can help you determine the
    optimal furniture combination, size, and
    arrangement for your space.

    I travel with furniture sliders to help us
    redesign and rearrange your space.

    Shopping Assistance

    I can shop with you online or in local stores
    within my service area, and I can point you
    toward great sources for design elements
    ranging from furniture and accessories to
    flooring, fixtures, lighting, fabrics, rugs,
    artwork, and window treatments.  

    Home Staging for Resellers

    Staged homes sell faster and for more
    money than homes that haven't been staged.

    I offer concrete, actionable, practical
    recommendations for every room in your
    home to get it ready to "wow" prospective
    buyers at the open house and on the MLS.

    Builder Design Center Support

    Daunted by all of the choices at your
    builder's design center?  Take me along to
    your appointment to help you select and
    coordinate carpet, tile, hardwood flooring,
    cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, faucets,
    and hardware for your new construction

    Interior Redesign/ One Day Room

    Interior redesign— a service/process that
    you may have seen on HGTV —involves
    transforming a room over a short period of
    time using your existing furniture and
    accessories.  I love to work with what you
    already own!  

    Read more about interior redesign

    Finding and Defining Your Style

    Does your home feel like it isn't "you"? I love
    to help clients name and create their own
    signature decorating style.  Style quizzes in
    magazines are too general to be useful.  
    Which shapes, patterns, textures, colors,
    wood tones, metal finishes, and symbols
    appeal to you?  

    Show me pictures of rooms that make your
    heart sing, and together we'll explore how to
    create a similar look and feel in your home.

    Organizing & Decluttering--
    ADHD Friendly!

    I have worked with many adult clients with
    ADD/ADHD, and I have a special interest in
    collaborating with individuals with ADHD to
    create beautiful, functional homes.  I can help
    you brainstorm and design systems so that
    your home works with you and supports
    you.  No judgments, just support!  

    Virtual Decorating Assistance

    I offer virtual interior decorating help
    nationwide via Skype, phone, and email for
    both long distance and local clients.  Virtual
    coaching services are available at an hourly
    rate with no minimum time requirement.

    Read more about virtual home decorating

    Feng Shui Suggestions

    Literally translated as "wind and water",
    Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and
    science of arranging one's environment to be
    in harmony with nature's energy.  When
    appropriate, I incorporate Feng Shui
    principles into my interior decorating work
    with clients.

    Finishing Touches

    I can help with hands-on finishing touches,
    such as styling bookcases, arranging flowers
    and accessories, finessing mantels,
    designing gallery walls, and placing and
    hanging artwork.  

    For large or heavy items such as mirrors,
    shelves, and curtain rods, I can refer you to
    an excellent local handyman.

    Support Along Your Journey

    Feeling overwhelmed?  Discouraged? Stuck?
    Hopeless?  Homes can bring up big
    emotions.  I want to help you feel better,
    both throughout our collaboration, and
    ultimately, living in your home.  Changing
    your home can truly change your life.  

    I'm a coach, a cheerleader, and sometimes,
    a catalyst.  My work is not just about
    measuring and matching.  It's also about:
    listening, validating, brainstorming, analyzing,
    problem-solving, grounding, sequencing,
    prioritizing, inspiring, encouraging, instructing,
    synthesizing, honoring, and celebrating.

    I offer my services because I care about
    you, and I want to use my gifts and
    experience to help you create a home
    that makes you happy.  
Consultations may include any combination of the services below.