I offer a wide range of interior decorating and organizing
services, all for the same reasonable hourly rate.
 Think of
the service list below as your home improvement "buffet".  
Load up your plate with one service, or combine a number of
services to satisfy your home's cravings.  Bon Appetite!

1. Interior Redesign

2. Color and Fabric Consultation

3. Organizing and Decluttering

4. Feng Shui Assistance

5. Personal Shopping
I am available to shop with you, and I am well-connected to
great local and internet sources for everything from furniture
and accessories to fabrics and custom window treatments.  

Daunted by all of the choices at your builder’s design center?  Take me along to your appointment to help you select carpet,
tile, hardwood flooring, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, faucets, and hardware for your new home.

6. Resale Staging for Home Sellers
Creating a warm and inviting environment for your potential buyers involves more than just popping a slice of cinnamon bread
in the toaster, turning on all of the lamps in your home, and playing "Yanni's Greatest Hits" on the stereo!  (Although these
things can't hurt!  Well, Yanni might....)  To increase your chances of a speedy sale and a generous offer, take a few extra
steps to really make your house feel like a home.  I can assist you with de-cluttering, rearranging furnishings, and adding
accessories--when needed--to dramatically increase your home's appeal to potential buyers.  A minimal investment of time
and money can yield substantial results!

7. Helping You Over Your Home Hurdles
"You are the voice of sanity in a whirlwind of decorating madness for me."--Red Chair Client in Durham, NC

Overwhelmed?  Stuck?  Discouraged?  Don't know where to start?  For many people, decorating and organizing a home can
be an emotional process.  My approach is compassionate, client-centered, and non-judgemental.  I won't count the dust
bunnies under your bed or scold you for not knowing how to pronounce "matelasse".  I'm here to help you over your home
hurdles.  How can I help?

  • I can offer referrals to great local service providers who can help you get the room painted, the couch reupholstered, or
    the shelves installed.

  • I can help you prioritize and sequence your decorating and organizing tasks.

  • I can send you links to great online sources to save you shopping time.

  • I can anchor you as you finally tackle those organizing projects that have been languishing on your to-do list.

  • I can listen to your home-related challenges and help you problem-solve.

Still searching for your unique decorating style?  Show me a picture of a room that makes your heart sing, and together we'll
explore how to create a similar look and feel--affordably--in your home.  Upon request, I'll bring over my personal library of
decorating books and photos, and we can identify the design elements that appeal to you and find ways to incorporate them
into your home.
Amy Bell (Formerly, Amy Mannila) Cary, NC 27513
Red Chair Home Interiors: Decorating Help for Real People Cary, NC interior decorator