Amy Bell (Formerly, Amy Mannila) Cary, NC 27513
Red Chair Home Interiors: Decorating Help for Real People Cary, NC interior decorator
I love working collaboratively with my clients, and I feel very
blessed to have had the pleasure of working with truly
wonderful people!  These testimonials from Red Chair clients
have been separated into three categories for your reading
Interior Redesign, General Decorating, and

Interior Redesign

"I appreciate what you have done more than you can ever imagine.
Even my 7 year old wants to be in that room now!!"

--Dianna T. in Wake Forest, NC

"I just LOVE my room and I am amazed at how good it looks.  I can
not wait for you to do my kitchen!  I really appreciate you e-mailing
all the tips to me so I will not forget any of them.  Look forward to
our next venture."

--Cathy M. in Raleigh, NC

"I love my 'new' living room!  Your ideas were so creative.  I never would have come up with them on my own.  I just sent
digital pics out to my friends and family.  The compliments are rolling in!"

--T.K. in Cary, NC

"Hi Amy -

I really enjoyed working with you today.  I really love the result and so does my husband.  He hasn't said anything
negative about it at all, which is a rave review for him!  I'm sitting on the couch right now with my dog.  The more I sit in
here, the better it feels.  I do like it so much more now.   

I've attached some pictures that I took after you left. I really would appreciate it if you would send
your pics to me, especially the before one :-).  It's such a contrast.

Thanks again.  It was truly a pleasure working with you today."

--Bobbie in Clayton, NC

"I love how our rooms turned out, and you were a joy to work with.  You were so patient and open to working with our
ideas and you really know your work. We love coming home now.  Thanks, Amy."

--Kati H. in Morrisville, NC

"Just wanted to say thank you again for all your hard work and great ideas.  I also wanted to let you know that my
husband loved [the room], thought it was great.  His favorite part is the fact that you used what we had!  I just can't stop
looking at it and can't wait to shop for the finishing touches.  I'm looking forward to having you out again soon.  Thank
you again so very much."

--L.K. in Apex, NC

"Thank you so much for your ideas.  You got me thinking about rearranging other rooms as well (i.e. my bedrooms).  I
have already rearranged the girls’ rooms & it's been great.  The traffic flow is so much nicer now & doesn't feel as
crowded.  Thanks for everything,"

--Betty S. in Cary, NC

"Amy, it was a pleasure to work with you on Saturday.   I like your style of working with what I already have, and I
appreciate your personal taste in decorating."  

--Ted D. in Raleigh, NC

General Decorating

"Thanks so much Amy! You are making a very big difference in our life.  It is such a relief to see the house coming
together.  I am so happy with the living room result, and Bailey LOVES her room. She smiled from ear to ear and spent
much of the weekend up there. We are both very, very happy.  Thank you! It is such an emotional relief to make
headway.... one room at a time!  Hiring you to help me is the smartest thing I've done
in a long while."  

--J.P. in Youngsville, NC

"Soo good to work with you. You are the voice of sanity in a whirlwind of decorating madness for me!"

--L.R. in Durham, NC

"Dear Amy,   Thank you so much for your help, input, and advice. It amazes me how you were able to understand my
needs and advise me on where to begin and focus my attention. You really understood my feelings and what I need to
do - more than I understand my needs. Now I can 'see' the bedroom and office in my minds eye. For storage, function
and aesthetics, now I can run with that. Having just moved in and not knowing where to begin had me paralyzed. Now
with a jumping off point I feel less stressed and can 'see' how nice those rooms will look.

You are the decorator everyone who lives an everyday life with a limited budget is looking for. I would urge anyone who
has ever felt intimidated by the word 'decorator' to seek you out and work with you. You are the greatest!!

P.S. You'd make a very good shrink, too."

--Rosemary A. in Apex, NC

"Our meeting on Thursday was great & really got me clearer about things. I imagine one thing that people like about
working with you (well, I like it) is that it confirms/suggests for the first time that they DO have a style/styles; it's just not
expressed strongly yet, but it can be.  Thank you."

--S.L. in Cary, NC

"Thank you for coming out to the really inspired us.  All your pointers are really helping us out.  The best part
is that my husband is so excited and totally into it.  It's really funny.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

--K.F. in Wake Forest, NC

"Thanks so much.  Having you in was just what I needed.  I’m excited to see the finished product.  Thanks Again,"

--Debbe B. in Cary, NC

"You've made my life easier through your efforts to help me organize, prioritize, and handle all of the decorating details.  
You have helped me implement my ideas in a much faster time-frame than I would have done on my own.  With your
support and creativity, I have a refreshed home that I love!  Thank you!"

--Molly M. in Cary, NC

"Hi Amy, Thanks so much for your expertise and ideas on Wednesday. You gave me so many good, useful ideas that I
can start on now!  I'm also amazed at your visual memory. When I read your follow up e-mail, I was quite impressed with
what you remembered about my house, what we discussed, and what you retained about the many ideas we threw
around. You really listened--thank you! Your e-mail was helpful as far as reminding me what we talked about and the
resources you gave are invaluable. I tried to take notes, but didn't do such a great job, so your follow-up e-mail will
become a staple in my purse as well as something tangible to let my husband read.  Thanks again for your great ideas.
I'll be in touch when I accomplish the tasks we talked about."

--Linda in Durham

"Thanks again for all of your help!  Our house is really beginning to look like a home now, thanks to you."

--Jennifer Z. in Holly Springs, NC

"Hey Amy,  I really enjoyed shopping with you. Thanks to you I am very, very excited about decorating my house!"

--Olga N. in Cary, NC

"Amy,  You made my day!  And my husband’s too.  He was so pleased with your recommendations for the living room.  
Thank you."

--Mindy S. in Chapel Hill, NC

"Amy!!  I’m giddy with excitement and I want to get started on everything we discussed.  You are simply delightful and I’
m going to tell everyone I know about you :)"

--Monty Coleman in Apex, NC


"Organizing our life is going to reduce so much of the stress of keeping up with everything on a daily basis.  I'm so glad
you've been able to help us change our bad habits into functional systems and storage.  Thanks,"

--Kristen B. in Holly Springs, NC

"Thanks again for all your help [with the craft room]--I'm even able to keep up with it! It's really made a huge difference
for me and my motivation and efficiency.  We will probably be in touch with you in a few months to help us with the

--Bonnie in Durham, NC

"I just wanted to thank you for your help organizing the kitchen and living room. I really felt like crying to see my place like
a home! My 4-year-old was excited to see his painting on the wall. I can't wait to see what we can do to the rest of the

--Eiko K. in Raleigh, NC