Organizing and Decluttering

Before, this closet was an avalanche waiting to happen!  Now it is an organized, functional space.

When it comes to your home, beauty alone isn't enough!  Like all good pageant contestants, truly wonderful
homes need to demonstrate both beauty
and brains.  In other words, your home needs to understand and
meet your functional needs as well as your aesthetic ones.

If clutter presents a significant challenge in your home --or even if it just presents a minor nuisance-- our first
step together may be to de-clutter and organize.  Once items have been assigned a home, decorating and
design choices become clearer. My clients have reported that sometimes even small, simple organizing
changes have had a tremendous impact on the quality of their lives.  

I would love to help you organize your rooms, closets, storage areas...even your filing systems.  (If you're
thinking, "Filing systems?  
What filing systems?", then we need to talk!)  I have experience with chronically
disorganized individuals as well as individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD / ADHD).  If you have
the willingness to tackle your home projects, I have the patience...and the sense of humor!  My
"bundled" monthly packages are ideal for clients who need organizing help, as organizing can be time-

A note about hoarding:  Are you "buried in treasures"?  In some homes, clutter reaches such a significant
level that it becomes a risk to the homeowner's health and safety.  Compulsive hoarding --which can involve
compulsive acquiring, compulsive saving, or a combination of the two-- can be difficult to overcome without
the assistance of a mental health professional.  There are many self-tests online to help you assess
whether you or someone you love might have a problem with hoarding.  
Buried in Treasures is an
outstanding self-help book for individuals who hoard and for those who wish to help them.
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