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Interior Redesign

One of my clients once referred to me as an "interior
reimaginer"; I like that job description!  Interior redesign
involves transforming a room over a short period of time using
your existing furniture and accessories (and my furniture
sliders).  Redesign offers many benefits:

Instant Gratification
Unused or uncomfortable rooms are quickly reinvented into beautiful,
functional spaces to enjoy.  

Green and Eco-Friendly
Shopping your own home reduces consumption by recycling and
repurposing your furnishings.

Clients often express surprise that they don’t need to purchase all new
or different furniture pieces—they just need to use their existing pieces
in a new way.  Even if there are finishing touches to be purchased after
the redesign session, shopping at that  point is much more targeted
and specific.

Uniquely "You"
Working with your own treasured possessions ensures that the finished
room truly reflects your preferences, values, and life experiences.

Is there a room in your home that "just doesn't feel right"? Let's
transform it together!  
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