Interior Redesign / One Day Room Make-overs  

Interior redesign—a service that you may have seen
demonstrated on Oprah and on HGTV shows such as “Design
Remix” and “Decorating Cents”—involves transforming a
room over a short period of time using your existing furniture
and accessories.  I love redesigning rooms for many reasons:

Redesigned rooms make my clients happy!  Redesign offers almost
instant gratification, revitalizing unused or uncomfortable rooms into
beautiful, functional spaces to enjoy.

Redesign is a green and eco-friendly way to achieve the satisfaction
of a whole new room.  Essentially, we “shop” in your home and
“recycle” your furniture and decor items!

Redesign is cost-effective design.  Clients often express surprise that
they don’t need to purchase new or different furniture pieces—they
just need to use their existing pieces in a new way.  Even if there are
still a few finishing touches to be purchased after the redesign
session, shopping at that point is much more targeted and specific.

Redesign allows us to incorporate your treasured possessions.  
Working with your favorite things ensures that the room really feels
like YOU.  And my goal is to help you create a room that is truly an
expression of YOU!

Most rooms can be redesigned in 2 to 6 hours—the average
room takes about 4 hours.
 The time required will depend on the
number of furnishings and accessories that need to be rearranged
and the amount of artwork that needs to be placed and hung.

Is there a room in your home that just feels "dead"?  Maybe it's the
repository of all of the mismatched furniture that didn't fit in other
rooms.  Maybe it's home to yesterday's Stairmaster-turned-coatrack.  
Or maybe it's a room that you use every day, such as your bedroom or
family room that just doesn't feel warm and inviting.  Let's transform it
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