Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of
arranging one's environment to be in harmony with
nature's energy.  The literal translation of Feng Shui is
"wind and water".  One simple way to understand Feng
Shui is to imagine what would happen if you could
observe water (or wind) literally running through your
home.  Would the water pool in the hallway, blocked by
big piles of clutter?  Would it rush too quickly in a big
tidal wave from the front door straight through to the
back door, or would it flow gently like a meandering
brook?  This natural energy--and how it moves or
stagnates in different areas of your home (which in turn
correspond to the different areas of your life)--is the
essence of Feng Shui.
There are a number of different schools of Feng Shui, each with their own tools and techniques.  My instructor was
trained by the founder of the Black Hat school.  This may sound like something spooky from Harry Potter, but it's
actually a modernized form of Feng Shui and one of the most widely used forms practiced in the US today.

Feng Shui tends to place more importance on energy movement than it does on aesthetics.  For this reason, I do not
emphasize Feng Shui principles with my clients unless they specifically request a Feng Shui consultation or ask
questions about the principles.

That said, there are a number of areas where Feng Shui principles overlap smoothly with Western design principles.  
For example, to promote sound sleep, Feng Shui consultants will place beds so that sleepers can easily see the door
(without wrenching their necks!).  This bed placement also makes good sense in the eyes of Western design, as the
bed is the focal point of the bedroom and ideally the viewer's eyes will be drawn to the focal point (the head of the bed)
when he or she walks through the bedroom door.

Curious about Feng Shui and how its principles can improve your home..and your life?  Please feel free to contact me
to schedule a consultation.
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