Who Might Benefit From My Services?

1. Poor People With Rich Taste
Your taste says "Pottery Barn", but your budget just says..."barn".

2. Rich People With Poor Taste
So you paid top dollar for that black velvet painting of
Chihuahuas playing poker.  Hey, we can't all be Martha

3. Hopeless Bachelors
You've added one too many layers of duct tape to the holes in your

4. The Newly Married
Fortunately, you're the proud owners of twelve place-settings of Noritake china; unfortunately, you don't own a single chair.

5. The Newly Divorced
You have a piano bench (but no piano), sofa cushions (but no sofa), a table lamp (but no table), and--inexplicably--five papasan

6. The Newly Remarried
You have twice as much furniture as you need, half as much space as you need, and no idea how to coordinate his black leather
sofa with your shabby chic wicker rocking chair.

7. New Parents
You know that your living room should have a focal point, but you're not sure whether it should be the teetering tower of "Huggies"
or the "Boppy Prop N' Play".

8. Empty Nesters
Your kid left for college five minutes ago, and you and your spouse are already drawing straws to see which of you gets his old
room for your new office.

9. First Time Home Buyers
Your new house practically echoes.  It feels kind of like an empty stadium, only not quite as cozy.

10. Home Resellers
You're sure that potential home buyers would be dazzled by your house...if only they had the stamina to shovel through your clutter
to get to it.

11. The Terminally Indecisive
Plastic or paper?  Plain or sugar cone?  French fries or coleslaw?  If questions like these haunt you, is it any surprise that picking
out paint colors can feel a wee bit overwhelming?

12. The Perpetually Busy
You seldom have time to take the plastic wrap off of your microwave dinner before scarfing it down; is it any wonder you've lived in
your house for years and haven't hung anything on the walls?

13. Change Mongers
You've repainted your walls so many times that your room is a full foot smaller.  Your couch wears roller skates so you can move it
around.  Yet your room still feels like it's stuck in a rut.

14. The Polygonally Challenged
Each room in your house is a different geometric shape.  You've got them all-- triangles, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons,
octagons, nonagons, and decagons--but no squares or rectangles.

15. Pet People
Dog or cat hair has turned your hardwood floors into wall-to-wall "faux shag carpeting".  Your pets have their own monogrammed
LL Bean beds, yet you sleep on a deflated air mattress.  With your pet's permission, we'll make your home just a little more people

16. Everyone Else
Every home needs a little Red Chair.  Your home is no exception!
Amy Bell (Formerly, Amy Mannila) Cary, NC 27513
Red Chair Home Interiors: Decorating Help for Real People Cary, NC interior decorator