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Amy Bell, owner of Red Chair Home Interiors Cary NC

About Amy Bell, Owner of Red Chair

I'm originally from California, but North Carolina has
been my home since 2004, and I've been helping local
clients transform their homes for over 15 years.  I offer
my services because I care about my clients, and I
want to use my gifts and experience to help them feel
better in their homes.

My approach is 100% collaborative.  Your home is not
a blank canvas awaiting my creative vision, but a life
setting that should reflect
you.  Feeling good at home is
so important!  Changing your home truly can change
your life.  I would be honored to collaborate with you.

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Who Might Benefit From My Services?

1. Poor People With Rich Taste
Your taste says "Pottery Barn", but your budget just says "barn".

2. Rich People With Poor Taste
You're starting to regret paying top dollar for that black velvet painting of Chihuahuas playing poker.  

3. Hopeless Bachelors
You've added one too many layers of duct tape to the holes in your La-Z-Boy.

4. The Newly Married
You and your new spouse take turns sitting on your one and only chair.

5. The Newly Divorced
You have a piano bench (but no piano), a table lamp (but no table), and--inexplicably--five papasan chairs.

6. The Newly Remarried
You have twice as much furniture as you need and no idea how to coordinate his black leather sofa with your
white wicker rocking chair.

7. New Parents
You know that your living room should have a focal point, but you doubt it's supposed to be the changing table.

8. Empty Nesters
You and your spouse are thumb wrestling to see who gets your kid's former bedroom for your new home office.

9. First Time Home Buyers
Your new house feels like an empty stadium, only not quite as cozy.

10. Home Resellers
You're wondering whether lighting a vanilla candle at the open house will make your clutter magically disappear.

11. The Terminally Indecisive
If you're haunted by choosing between French fries and coleslaw, 40,000 paint chips might feel pretty

12. The Brilliant-Yet-Disorganized
You found a new algorithm, but you can't find your socks.

13. DIY Enthusiasts
You've got the passion and the power tools, but you're not sure just how much shiplap one house can handle.

14. Change Mongers
Your couch wears roller skates so you can move it around, yet your room still feels like it's stuck in a rut.

15. The Polygonally Challenged
You've got rooms in every shape: triangles, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, nonagons, and
decagons, but no squares or rectangles.

16. Pet People
Dog or cat hair has turned your hardwood floors into wall-to-wall "faux shag carpeting".   

17. Everyone Else
Every home needs a little Red Chair.  Your home is no exception!